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We are dedicated to enhancing, supporting and improving the lives of individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders in the Volusia/Flagler area by providing access to high quality comprehensive resources, programs and services; as well as innovative community partnerships.

We provide resources and services for individuals and their families affected by Parkinson's Disease in the greater Daytona Beach area. Our mission is to provide information, guidance and support to those in our community.




The Parkinson Association of Greater Daytona Beach was created to assist those in our community who are affected by Parkinson's Disease. The Association is able to provide a wide variety of resources and services to our members and their families thank to the generous support of our volunteer members and giving community. 


  • Monthly Informational Meetings
  • Guest Speakers
  • Telephone Response Line
  • Free Weekly Exercise Class 
  • Newsletter
  • Resource Library 
  • Annual Social Event
  • Free Dance for PD Classes


The Parkinson's red tulip started in 1980 when W.S. Van der Wereld, a Dutch horticulturalist who had Parkinson’s disease, developed a red and white tulip and named his prized tulip the 'Dr. James Parkinson' in honor of the man who first described his medical condition and to honor the International Year of the Disabled. The European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) uses a red tulip as their logo based on the Dr. James Parkinson tulip. On April 11, 2005, the Red Tulip was launched as the Worldwide Symbol of Parkinson's disease at the 9th World Parkinson’s disease Day Conference in Luxembourg.

The red tulip you see here today was designed by an early-onset Parkinson's patient named Karen Painter and her friend Karen. This stylized tulip has leaves that are shaped like the letters 'P' and 'D'. Karen and Jean started a grassroots movement to make this tulip design become recognized as the symbol for Parkinson's Disease Awareness, the way the pink ribbon has done for breast cancer. 

“We have a dream that Karen’s stylized tulip will become the symbol not for one Parkinson’s organization or event, but for the Parkinson’s community nationwide,” Jean says. “It will serve as a reminder that we all must work together to find a cure for the millions of people living with Parkinson’s disease.”

 The PDTulip as a symbol that represents ALL people with Parkinson's and ALL organizations and ALL scientists in the US who are working for the cure. Please show your support of the PDTulip for Parkinson's awareness.

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Vince Kinsler, PAGDB Executive Director

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